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Week 51, 2011

Easy X-mas week.51 19 - 25 DecThis week's totals:3x, 3:49, 41km [5:24]1:141:131:2013.0 km13.3 km14.7 kmSR 7kmER 13kmER 14km159 hrm140 hrm143 hrm4:30 min/km5:12 min/km5:05 min/kmgym (0:45)gym (0:50)The plan was to make another serious training week and only slow down in the next one. Well, it was not meant to be. I started on Tuesday on a treadmill with a fast-paced 7K at 4:30 min/km. Then an easy run on Wednesday and I was planning to hit some hills on Thursday but it was so bloody cold that I had to give up on that idea, as I'd freeze during all the jogging parts. What's worse my left shin was acting up; I decided to ignore that but after the run and in the following days I could feel some pain, so in the end I decided to take a holiday break and hopefully I'll resume on Monday.

Week 50, 2011

Again beyond 100K; sweet :)50 12 - 18 DecThis week's totals:6x, 10:00, 102km [11:35]① 1:19
② 1:13① 1:20
② 1:021:303:34① 13.1km
② 12.0km① 13.5km
② 11.0km15.9 km36.1 km① ST 6x1km/2'
② ER 11km [TM]① ER + hills
② ER 11kmER 15kmRT 36km① 168 hrm
② 139 hrm① 134 hrm
② 136 hrm141 hrm142 hrm① 3:57 min/km
② 5:27 min/kmgym (0:45)gym (0:50)An exemplary week; everything according to the plan. Intervals on Tuesday; I managed to go from 5 to 6 and increase the pace by 5 seconds from last week, so I'm quite happy with the progress. On Thursday I hit some hills but this time I took it easy and it was mostly just a recovery run with some hills incorporated. On both days I did easy runs in the evening too. Then Saturday 15K easy run and on Sunday a running trip of 36km -- that was tough! I forgot to take my carefully crafted map (digital of'coz) which caused some extra complications. At the turn-around point I was trying hard to get to the other side of the river and, as a result, had a serious ori…

Week 49, 2011

Pretty good week; 5 trainings, 80+K, everything according to the plan.49 5 - 11 DecThis week's totals:5x, 7:54, 81km [9:54]1:03① 1:13
② 0:581:383:0111.1km① 12.3km
② 9.7km15.9 km32.0 kmER 11km① INT 5x1km/2'
② ER 9kmRSRT 32km136 hrm154 hrm138 hrm5:21 min/km① 4:02 min/kmgym (1:00)gym (1:00)Started easy with a short run on Tuesday, but then two runs on Thursday, including intervals; unfortunately my knee was still giving me trouble but I managed to shorten the rest period from 3 to 2 minutes, keeping the same speed of the intervals (4:02). Then some strength training on Saturday (intervals up the hill). And finally on Sunday a nice finale: 32K running trip. I set off a bit too early so I was finishing when it was dark, but all in all it was a fairly nice run. Next week I hope to increase the overall volume a bit and if I manage to keep this pace then it looks like I'm going to finish this year on a high note ;)

Week 48, 2011

Finally back to serious training.48 28 Nov - 4 DecThis week's totals:5x, 7:14, 74km [8:24]1:161:201:191:022:1613.1 km14.1 km11.7 km11.0 km24.4 kmER 13kmSR 14kmST 5x1km/3'ER 11kmRT 24km139 hrm145 hrm163 hrm140 hrm140 hrm4:02 min/km5:21 min/kmabs (0:10)gym (1:00)Starting from this week and until after Christmas I'm in Warsaw. It was also a very busy week at work so I'm really happy that I managed to squeeze in 5 trainings. First an easy one on Monday, then somewhat faster on Wednesday and interval training on Thursday. That was a tough one, as my right leg really was not happy with all this running and I had to tell her to shut up. In the end I decreased the number of intervals, increased rest in between them and walked during the rests instead of jogging. And I also didn't press 100%. Probably I should have called it off altogether but I just couldn't do it. Then another easy training on Saturday and a 24K running trip on Sunday -- and, as it turned out, at a pre…

Week 47, 2011

An uneventful, easy week47 21 - 27 NovThis week's totals:4x, 5:02, 48km [6:47]1:171:251:131:0612.5 km13.4 km12.1 km10.0 kmER 12kmER 13kmER 12kmRS 57' [TM]140 hrm135 hrm148 hrm5:46 min/km5:49 min/km#9gym (1:00)squash (0:45)A bit late summary of last week. What can I say, an easy week. Recovery run on Monday. Then I was three days in Paris but I managed to squeeze in two runs along the Seine. One of them at before 8 o'clock in the morning, so I was rather pleased with myself that I managed to get up for a run ;). Then on Friday I did some hills on a treadmill and it would be a very decent week, only on Sunday I didn't feel like going for my weekly long run and called it off. Oh well.Next week it's time to step up the training with Egmond half-marathon and Paris marathon in mind.