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Week 20, 2011

A week I spent in Warsaw; a bunch of easy trainings.20 16 May - 22 MayThis week's totals:4x, 4:47, 44km [4:47]Next week's plans:5x, 7:02, 73km0:431:251:261:137.6 km14.8 km15.2 km13.1 kmER 7kmER 14kmER 15kmER 12km137 hrm141 hrm141 hrm136 hrm5:00 min/km5:30 min/km5:59 min/km5:25 min/kmAnother easy week. I started off on Tuesday by having a short raining in my new Five Fingers! I'll try to write more about them in a separate post, but long story short: running in them felt great, but will take some getting used to. Plus they gave me blisters so it'll be a while before I can put them on again.Besides that I did 3 easy trainings; not much to talk about. I did most of them in the Kabaty forest in the south of Warsaw. Very nice place for running; some photos below. Next week I'll probably still take things easy, only on Tuesday I'm going to run 12K in Rock & run. Then hopefully the week after that I'll start with more varied and difficult trainings. Stay tuned!

Week 19, 2011

Easy, slow week.19 9 May - 15 MayThis week's totals:4x, 4:37, 44km [7:07]Next week's plans:5x, 7:02, 73km1:121:141:260:4512.5 km12.6 km12.1 km6.5 kmCROS 12kmER 12kmER 12km [SW]jog 6km140 hrm137 hrm134 hrm124 hrm5:30 min/km5:36 min/km6:11 min/km6:27 min/kmmodern dance (1:30)gym (1:00)Not much to say. Over the weekend I organized my friend's bachelor party, i.e. 3 days of heavy drinking ;). Still I managed to go for an easy jogging on Sunday night, closing off the week with 4 trainings.The first photo below is an evening shot from the bridge that I cross on most of the trainings I do. The second shot is from the Wednesday run when we had to wait for this vessel to pass by the water gate, before being able to cross it.Next week will, most likely, not be much better than this, but afterwards I hope things will gather speed.

Week 18, 2011

Slow week, recovery after the marathon.18 2 May - 8 MayThis week's totals:4x, 5:24, 50km [7:22]Next week's plans:4x, 5:57, 60km1:361:031:550:5013.1 km10.9 km18.4 km8.0 kmER 13km [SW]ER 10kmRT 18kmER 7km [TM]128 hrm136 hrm137 hrm140 hrm5:56 min/km5:30 min/km6:03 min/km5:27 min/kmbody pump (1:00)gym (0:50)Usual suffering after a marathon. On Monday & Tuesday walking (especially climbing stairs) was mighty painful. But on Wednesday I already decided to join the Sportsworld running group and did 13km with them. Two more easy trainings this week and on Saturday a 18K running trip. I took some photos on the way (see below).

New Jersey Marathon

1/05/2011 marathon Long Branch, NJ, US 3:25:40 4:52 min/km 168 hrm 141/1855 (7.6%) Wake-up at 6:30, quick breakfast & drive to the start site. I'm only half an hour before the start, so I rush through the warm-up and head to the starting line to secure a good spot. Gladly the path there is very wide and it's easy to work my way up pretty much to the front. Some guy sings the anthem a capella -- and does a pretty good job at that. We go.I want to follow the pacer for 3:15. I know it's the smart thing to do. And I do that. For 200 meters. Then the excitement takes over and I overtake him. Go at my pace. It turns out to be a pace for 3:12. I feel good. I pass miles with Swiss clock accuracy; 7:20 per mile.It's warm. Luckily there are many water stations and I don't miss a single one; sometimes even grabbing two caps: water & Gatorade. Quite quickly I'm pretty much on my own, with only few runners around, so there's no elbowing through the crowd.I'm do…

Week 17, 2011

The marathon week!17 25 Apr - 1 MayThis week's totals:4x, 7:56, 83km [8:06]2:021:161:063:3120.5 km10.8 km9.5 km42.4 kmFR 10x1km/1kmER 10kmER 10kmS! marathon (New Jersey)165 hrm140 hrm143 hrm166 hrm4:19 min/km6:31 min/km6:31 min/km4:50 min/kmNot much I can say; I already wrote about this week in the pre-marathon summary and about the marathon itself I'll write in the upcoming post (hopefully tomorrow).