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Week 39 & 40, 2011

Marathon week!39 26 Sep - 2 OctThis week's totals:3x, 6:48, 75km [8:33]1:261:503:3115.8 km17.3 km42.2 kmER 15kmER 17kmS! marathon (Budapest)136 hrm125 hrm165 hrm5:13 min/km5:52 min/km4:53 min/kmbody pump (1:00)kettle (0:25)
core (0:20)The week leading to the marathon: two easy runs with Sportsworld, plus a number of other trainings and then the marathon itself. And then...40 3 Oct - 9 OctRest...:)

Budapest, marathon

2/10/2011 marathon Budapest, Hungary 3:25:51 4:53 min/km 165 hrm 256/2990 (8.6%) That was supposed to be my 10th marathon. And my hopes (as usually) were high :). I wouldn't settle for anything less than a new PB...It didn't start so well. I arrived to Budapest on Friday and it was really hot. I mean, like summer hot. And when I arrived to the hotel it only got worse -- the room was sooo bloody hot; it was like an oven! Now that I think about it I should have tried to change rooms. I didn't. And I payed for it dearly as I hardly got any sleep that night.Next day -- business as usual, picking up the starting number, working out the logistics, stuffing oneself with pasta... and trying to go to bed early. Thankfully it kinda worked and I even managed to get a decent night of sleep.The race was starting at 10 so I woke up, ate breakfast and got myself to the starting line without too much hurry. The starting sections were for the grabs, that is one could go wherever one wanted. I…