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Week 34, 2011

Recovery week34 22 Aug - 28 AugThis week's totals:3x, 3:52, 38km [4:52]0:581:491:048.5 km17.3 km11.7 kmER 45' [TM]ER 17kmER 11km133 hrm135 hrm6:00 min/km5:46 min/km5:30 min/kmgym (1:00)Easy recovery week. I was planning to do some more trainings but preparations for holidays got in the way ;). Next week I'd like to go back to regular training but (holidays again) it's not going to be easy. I'll see what I can do. 5 weeks to Budapest.

Week 33, 2011

50K in Assen33 15 Aug - 21 AugThis week's totals:2x, 5:33, 60km [5:33]Next week's plan:recovery :)1:004:3310.0 km50.0 kmjog (Wheel of Energy)S! 50km (Assen, IAU World Trophy)161 hrm5:28 min/kmHmm, was it an eventful or uneventful week? Light or intense? I was preparing for the 50K run on Saturday. I was planning to do some easy trainings leading to that big day, but my hamstrings were giving me some troubles, so I decided to cancel all trainings except for the Wednesday run.On Wednesday with Thyra and Michal we went for the Wheel of Energy run. Cool concept. Just cause. I couldn't miss it :). Few photo shots below. Unfortunately the wheel was not fully functional, so we couldn't spin on its axis and the monitors were blank so we could only guess how fast we were going (not fast). Also the running itself felt weird and took some getting used to. All in all: interesting experience but I don't think I'll repeat it any time soon ;).Then on Saturday I did the 50K in …

Assen: the 50K through hell.

20/08/2011 50 km (IAU World Trophy) Assen, The Netherlands 4:33:27 5:28 min/km 161 hrm It all started beautifully. I tend not to be very lucky with around-the-race circumstances, but today I really cannot complain. To get to Assen we had to leave (I had Mikolaj as support; thanks man :) at 6:30 and take trains with 2 changes, ~3 min for each. And if we missed something I would not make it for the race. I thought: this cannot work. It did. Smoothly. The weather was also ok. Later it got too hot, but most of the loop was in the shade so it was still bearable.The first 20K (4 laps) were pretty uneventful. The only problem was that I was kind of assuming there will be isotonic drinks (pretty normal) and maybe even power gels available at the refreshments points. And all I could see was water. I only realized close to the end of the race that the main refreshment point had bullion & isotonic drinks, but one had to grab them and all the staff was only handing out water. Oh well.Anyhow, I…

Assen: before

PreparationsI was given the idea to run the 50K in Assen, less than a month ago. Gladly I was already training for the Budapest marathon (2/10), but since then I increased the volume of my training. I managed to do 2 100+K weeks (101 & 111) and though everything was going well, but...To run or not to run?after the 111K last week, this week I was feeling pretty tired. I canceled all the light trainings I was planning to do at the beginning of the week. And then on Wednesday I started feeling my left hamstring. Not so surprising by itself -- long time ago I had an injury there and since then it would nag me whenever I was pushing myself real hard. The surprising part was that a) it didn't bother me for a long time now and b) it started few days after any physical activity. On Wednesday I had the Wheel of Energy run planned, with Thyra & Michal, and I did that one. On Thursday things got worse as it was not only my left hamstring, but both of them. Maybe after all it wasn'…

Week 32, 2011

111km. Sweeeeet.32 8 Aug - 14 AugThis week's totals:6x, 11:21, 111km [12:21]Next week's plan:4x, 8:09, 87km1:244:06① 1:15
② 1:341:271:3314.7 km36.2 km① 13.2 km
② 16.4 km13.8 km16.9 kmER 14kmRT 35km① ST 12x400m/120''
② ER 15kmRS 8km + 7x[sss]ER 16km136 hrm141 hrm① 162 hrm
② 132 hrm137 hrm134 hrm5:24 min/km6:03 min/km① 3:55 min/km
② 5:21 min/km5:30 min/km5:15 min/kmgym (1:00)Last week I completely failed to have a large training volume (as planned) and this week was my last chance to make up for that. And make up I did! I did not manage to stick to the schedule I had in mind but I did 6 training sessions and a total of 111km, making it my best week ever.Also on Tuesday I did a running trip of 35km in the Kampinos National Park. It's a great place for longer runs, even though at the beginning I got completely lost. With a GPS. It seems I would make a really lousy boy scout :). Not to mention that I can forget about orienteering runs of all sorts... at least unless I can run…

Week 31, 2011

A slow week, disrupted by Poland visit...31 1 Aug - 7 AugThis week's totals:5x, 6:14, 65km [9:14]Next week's plan:6x, 11:00, 108km① 1:14
② 1:001:061:341:20① 12.0km
② 9.0km11.7 km17.0 km15.0 km① ER 12km
② RS 52' [TM]ST 12x400m/120''ER 16kmER 14km① 137hrm
② ?158 hrm135 hrm133 hrm① 5:42 min/km
② #104:04 min/km5:10 min/km5:07 min/kmgym (1:00)yoga (1:00)gym (1:00)The previous week was awesome. My secret goal was to make this one even better. Didn't happen. I started pretty much on track, but on Wednesday I went to Poland for 2 weeks and I didn't manage to stick to my demanding training routine. The biggest blow was that I did not do a long run. At all. Normally I leave it for the weekend, but this Saturday I went for a bachelor's night and on Sunday I still had too much blood in my alcohol for such a serious run. Instead I did a very nice training with Miki (and we were damn lucky as we finished it 2 minutes before it started raining like crazy). In the end I did …