Week 33, 2011

50K in Assen

15 Aug - 21 Aug
This week's totals: 2x, 5:33, 60km [5:33]
Next week's plan: recovery :)
10.0 km50.0 km
jog (Wheel of Energy)S! 50km (Assen, IAU World Trophy)
161 hrm
5:28 min/km

Hmm, was it an eventful or uneventful week? Light or intense? I was preparing for the 50K run on Saturday. I was planning to do some easy trainings leading to that big day, but my hamstrings were giving me some troubles, so I decided to cancel all trainings except for the Wednesday run.

On Wednesday with Thyra and Michal we went for the Wheel of Energy run. Cool concept. Just cause. I couldn't miss it :). Few photo shots below. Unfortunately the wheel was not fully functional, so we couldn't spin on its axis and the monitors were blank so we could only guess how fast we were going (not fast). Also the running itself felt weird and took some getting used to. All in all: interesting experience but I don't think I'll repeat it any time soon ;).

Then on Saturday I did the 50K in Assen. Detailed account in the previous post.

Next week I'll have to take it easy and will lick my wounds after the ultra. And then off for holidays... and hopefully back to the training for the Budapest marathon. I may not have access to net on holidays so it may be a while before I post a next weekly report -- stay tuned ;)


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