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I was given the idea to run the 50K in Assen, less than a month ago. Gladly I was already training for the Budapest marathon (2/10), but since then I increased the volume of my training. I managed to do 2 100+K weeks (101 & 111) and though everything was going well, but...

To run or not to run?

after the 111K last week, this week I was feeling pretty tired. I canceled all the light trainings I was planning to do at the beginning of the week. And then on Wednesday I started feeling my left hamstring. Not so surprising by itself -- long time ago I had an injury there and since then it would nag me whenever I was pushing myself real hard. The surprising part was that a) it didn't bother me for a long time now and b) it started few days after any physical activity. On Wednesday I had the Wheel of Energy run planned, with Thyra & Michal, and I did that one. On Thursday things got worse as it was not only my left hamstring, but both of them. Maybe after all it wasn't an old injury saying hello but a simple case of overtraining? In any case I started doubting my start on Saturday

I took some painkillers, put some ice on it & today got some cream. Feels a bit better today but I'm still dubious. I mean it's a bloody 50K race; not exactly a picnic. If I go for it already in pain then the only possible scenario is that I'll be forced to give up somewhere during the race. And I guess I'd hate that even more than simply not going... although I have to say it's a bloody hard decision to make. There's even my name already there on the list of participants! :). Will I have it in me to decide not to go? I guess I'll have to see how I feel tomorrow and decide then. I still hope I'll be able to do it. Keep your fingers crossed for me pls :).

P.S. Normally at this point I'd be thinking hard about the target pace for the race... should I got 5:00min/km or maybe only 5:15min/km? Not much point in doing it now, though... :S


Thyra said…
Fingers are crossed... ! Really sorry to hear this, hope you manage.

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