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Week 16, 2013: Overtraining?

Finally time for a, more than one week late, report. I was hoping to run a lot and run hard this week; the following one my family was coming over to visit, so I knew it'd be difficult to stick to schedule, so at least this week I wanted to make up for it. It didn't happen. Throughout the week I felt extremely tired. On Tuesday I didn't feel very strong but decided to stick to my fast run anyway -- it was horrid and I ended up with a terrible time. Then easy run on Wednesday and I was planning another one for Thursday but I just didn't have it in me so I skipped it and instead did another one on Friday.By Saturday I didn't have much time left to save the weekly mileage. My original plan was to do the Skyline to the Sea Trail, which is almost 50K long and is supposed to take 3 days. Needless to say I wanted to run it in one go. However, logistical problems thwarted my plans. I was hoping to drive to the trailhead, from there take a bus to the end and then run back t…

Week 15, 2013: Another good week.

I was tired after the previous week. Monday was a day off but on Tuesday I decided to do a fast run, as planned. I missed my PB on my usual route by full 50 seconds. Then I followed up with two recovery runs.As usual, most of the action was left for the weekend. On Saturday I decided to do something unusual. Instead of a long run, I decided to do a hill time trail on the Black mountain. It's been over 2 months since I raced there so I was curious how I'll do. I started strong, going fast and of course I paid the price for that. One big difference with my winter running there was that now it was hot. And I had no water with me. So the last bits were a big struggle. Damn, I forgot how steep that bloody thing is! I finished in 1:03:14, whereas at the beginning of February it took me 1:00:30 to get to the top.Curiously enough I decided I didn't have enough for the day. It's getting warm these days so I decided to try a night run; something I need to train for the 100-miler…

Week 14, 2013: Back in the game.

Solid week. I started off right away with a speed run (probably not a good idea, after 1.5 weeks of inactivity I should have started easy), but I missed my PB by a full minute. Then two easy runs during the week and...Well, I was supposed to run the Grizzly Peak 50K, right? But to my surprise on Thursday, when I was trying to register, it turned out that the event is sold out! Now, it probably doesn't sound very shocking; running events are notoriously sold out and one needs to secure spots many weeks (sometimes months) in advance, but the thing with the Coastal Trail Runs was that they were never full. I even commented on that with someone not long ago. One could always register at the last minute. One could even register on the day of the race! (I did once). Well, not always, it seems.So no race. I decided to still run 50K over the weekend, although in two separate trainings.On Saturday I went to Long Ridge Open Space Preserve. I had a nice run and made a bunch of photos on the …

Week 12 & 13, 2013: Laziness

Ok, not much to report on for the last two weeks. After the Los Angeles marathon I wanted to take a short breather, but I knew that the following week I'd be in Nijmegen, probably not doing much running so I tried to do the best of this week. So I went for an easy run already on Tuesday and kept on doing that until the end of the week. I even did one fast run and made a stab at my PR on the loop but, not surprisingly, it didn't happen. And on Saturday I didn't have it in me to go running just before the flight, so I ended up with 4 short runs this week.The following week, as expected, no running. I went out once but even then I somehow didn't feel motivated and called it a day after mere 10K (and slooow too). But next week I'm back to Mountain View and on Sunday there's the Grizzly Peak 50K coming, so hopefully I'll be back in action in no time.