Week 12 & 13, 2013: Laziness

Ok, not much to report on for the last two weeks. After the Los Angeles marathon I wanted to take a short breather, but I knew that the following week I'd be in Nijmegen, probably not doing much running so I tried to do the best of this week. So I went for an easy run already on Tuesday and kept on doing that until the end of the week. I even did one fast run and made a stab at my PR on the loop but, not surprisingly, it didn't happen. And on Saturday I didn't have it in me to go running just before the flight, so I ended up with 4 short runs this week.

The following week, as expected, no running. I went out once but even then I somehow didn't feel motivated and called it a day after mere 10K (and slooow too). But next week I'm back to Mountain View and on Sunday there's the Grizzly Peak 50K coming, so hopefully I'll be back in action in no time.


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