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Week 38, 2011

Good week! And a last one before the marathon, too.38 19 Sep - 25 SepThis week's totals:5x, 8:06, 85km [12:36]1:001:231:371:402:2410.0 km15.0 km17.0 km18.4 km24.3 kmER 10kmSR 13kmER 16kmST 10x1km/4'RT 24km144 hrm135 hrm163 hrm134 hrm5:00 min/km5:18 min/km4:08 min/km5:39 min/kmmodern dance (1:30)body pump (1:00)
power yoga (1:00)gym (1:00)Ok, I have to say the Dam to Dam really left me tired. In fact my legs felt heavy already before the run and afterwards... well, suffice to say things didn't get any better ;). So Monday was a day off and Tuesday a very light recovery jog.On Wednesday things didn't look any better so I essentially had a choice: either start the pre-marathon rest already now or disregard the pain and go for it. I decided for the latter -- make it or break it, right? So on Wednesday I went for a late run and it was going ok so I decided to turn it into a faster training -- in the end I did 13K at an average pace of 5:00 min/km; not too bad. Thursday a reco…

Week 37, 2011

Dam-to-dam week.37 12 Sep - 18 SepThis week's totals:3x, 3:40, 38km [6:10]1:051:001:1011.9 km9.8 km16.1 kmST 12x400m/120''ER 10kmS! 10miles (Dam to Dam)160 hrm125 hrm174 hrm3:53 min/km5:33 min/km4:20 min/kmgym (1:00)modern dance (1:30)The week leading to Dam to Dam and since my legs felt very heavy I made it a very easy one, with no runs after Wednesday. Next week I still hope to do some serious runs with some kms and then a recovery week before the marathon.

Dam to dam loop, 2011 (10 miles)

18/09/2011 10 miles Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1:09:50 4:20 min/km 174 hrm 508/18586 (2.7%) Dam to dam, here I come...Ok, as I mentioned in the previous post I was trying to figure out where to race as a preparation for the Budapest marathon. Thyra suggested Dam to Dam (probably the most well established race in The Netherlands) and after short deliberation I realized it's pretty much perfect. Then Michal was kind enough to offer me an entry for the race and everything was perfect... or almost.After coming back from holidays on Monday I did 400m intervals on Tuesday. It was a hell of a tough training but I managed to improve slightly my figures compared with few weeks ago -- few seconds per km faster while at the same time few heart-beats per minute less. So I felt good. Tired but good. Then on Wednesday I did the usual run with SportsWorld group and, even though we were talking things very easy, the following day I felt even more tired. Especially my hamstrings were asking me to tak…

Week 36, 2011

A very decent holiday-running week.36 5 Sep - 11 SepThis week's totals:5x, 8:52, 79km [8:52]2:001:112:261:231:5116.8 km11.5 km22.0 km10.7 km17.6 kmER 17kmRS 12x400m/120''RT 22kmER 10kmER 17km127 hrm158 hrm124 hrm129 hrm6:31 min/km4:20 min/km6:15 min/km6:00 min/kmSo last week I did not do very well and was hoping to make up for it this week. Indeed I managed to do the "prescribed" 5 trainings and a total of 79km, which given the conditions (heat & hills), I consider a very good result. Also in those 5 trainings I did a total descent of 1600m -- something that may not impress any mountaineer, but given that normally this figure is pretty close to zero (on account of living in Holland ;) that was quite a change for me.On Monday I was running in Mondim de Basto, which is located on a hill and surrounded by a river. The distance from the top of the hill to the river was rather short so I ended up randomly going up and down the hill and ending up with a medusa like …

Week 35, 2011

Running on holidays is not easy...35 29 Aug - 4 SepThis week's totals:3x, 4:47, 48km [4:47]1:371:181:5115.6 km14.0 km18.1 kmER 15kmER 14kmRT 17km144 hrm132 hrm5:52 min/km5:36 min/km5:27 min/kmStrongly delayed report, but I rarely have access to internet & a computer...I had ambitious plans for running on those holidays but the reality brought me down to earth. It started nicely. On Monday I did a decent run in the neighborhood of the village we were staying at. My mistake was to start at 2pm as the scorching sun and the hills turned a run that was supposed to be easy into a fight for survival. I had to stop every few kilometers because I was just running out of steam... few photos from this run below (sorry for the quality but taken from my phone that was completely misted over as I was holding it in my hand most of the time).On Tuesday I followed up with a nice barefoot run along the beach (pretty cool, strongly recommended). And then on Thursday I was planning to do a longer …