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Week 8, 2014: ... and I'm back

So, just as I said, back to running. I started with a slow and easy run on Monday. On Tuesday I tried to do my regular 14km loop at a leisurely pace, but my knee started giving me troubles and I had to walk the last 4 kilometers. Ehh, coming back after a break is never easy. Not only am I going at a snail's pace but it seems I also need to be super careful with the volume.I decided to play it safe and only did two more easy 11K runs this week and ended up with 4 runs and a total of 45km. Goal for the next week: increase the volume to 60km; patience is the key.On a more positive side I recently realized that Coastal Trail Runs just published their annual rankings and it turns out I am first for 50K in my age group (males, 30-39). I did 5 of the 50K races with them last year (out of the total 21 that they organized) and I got, respectively, 6th, 2nd, 1st, 7th and 2nd position (in the age group), which turned out to be just enough to place first.It's more a testament to how small…

Ops I did it again.

More than a year ago I locked myself out of my apartment... given the title of this post you can guess what happened few days ago ;)Here's how it happened. In the evening I was coming back from the gym, deep in thoughts. Walking to the car I did the following sequence of moves:opened car's trunk with the remote, dropped car keys to my gym bag, dropped the gym bag in the trunk, closed the trunk, @#$@#$% Yes, as soon as I heard the sound of the trunk closing I knew I was in trouble. To my credit my reaction was just laughing out loud. What else was there to do?I took stock of the situation. I was sweaty (I was to take a shower back at home), in my shorts and t-shirt and all I had with me was a towel and my badge.I came back to the office, talked with security who told me they cannot help and suggested to call the insurance. I was about to do just that when I talked with my friend who suggested I must have a second car key somewhere. Which made me realize that indeed I do (I gues…


What a bloody roller coaster... Two months ago I half-jokingly wrote a post admitting that I'm a running addict. One month later I followed up reporting how all of a sudden I stopped running. I haven't done any running in the last 10 weeks and indeed started wondering whether I'm done with the sport for good.One week ago everything changed. It's not a subject for the blog; suffices to say that in a moment my life got turned upside down. To cope with that I decided to follow back on one thing that used to be a constant in the last 12 years of my life: running. I did two runs this week so far and more are likely to follow. So I guess the weekly reports will be back soon; stay tuned.