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Week 8, 2011

I missed Saturday training, but still managed to do 66km and 2 decent steady runs. 8 21 Feb - 27 FebThis week's totals:4x, 6:31, 66km [7:31]Next week's plans:5x, 7:50, 80km1:321:331:291:5614.3 km16.4 km14.0 km21.1 kmRS 8km,
10x100sSR 11km [SW]ER 11km [TM]SR 12km +
3x1'/3'[135][151][133][156]5:21 min/km5:13 min/km5:30 min/km4:50 min/kmbody pumpOn Wednesday I again joined the Sports World group. It was snowing so only four people showed up & at some point we split into two groups, so I was running only with Michal and we did a pretty decent 11km together. We averaged 5:13 min/km but there were stretches were we would go at 4:30 min/km.General training tiredness starts to set in and after this Wed training I could really feel my muscles hurt for the following two days. So much so, that I decided to postpone the Friday training; a move I regretted later, as on Saturday I was so busy that I didn't manage to go for a run, so in the end I missed a training this week (on…

Week 7, 2011

Tricky week, as I spent 3 days in Lisbon. But I still managed to squeeze in 5 trainings :) 7 14 Feb - 20 FebThis week's totals:5x, 6:38, 63km [9:23]Next week's plans:5x, 7:24, 75km1:361:291:151:141:0214.3 km14.0 km12.5 km11.0 km10.9 kmRS 8km,
10x100sER 60' [TM]
+ jog 2kmSR 42' [SW]RS 60' [TM]SR 8km[137][141][153][148][155]5:30 min/km5:30 min/km4:59 min/km#94:55 min/kmbody pumpOn Wednesday I did a training with the running group at Sportsworld. I had a nice opportunity to talk with the coach and get some invaluable training advice. First of all he told me to check the resources of the Arthur Lydiard Foundation, which I'm certainly going to do soon. Secondly, he took a look at my training diary and suggested a couple of alternations, which can be summarized as follows:More rest. Between 5 running sessions, body-pump, yoga, dancing and squash I just don't have enough time for recovery. The idea is to drop at least 1 of the 2 body-pump sessions a week and have …

Week 6, 2011

Another solid week, with a sweet total of 75km and a nice 24K running trip on Sunday. 6 7 Feb - 13 FebThis week's totals:5x, 7:55, 75km [9:10]Next week's plans:5x, 6:49, 68km1:261:311:141:152:2813.0 km15.0 km11.0 km11.7 km24.6 kmCROS 60' +
ER 2km [TM]ER 12km +
10x100m/100mCROS 60' [TM]ER 60' [TM]RT 24km[140][152][139]#85:39 min/km#95:36 min/km5:42 min/kmbody pumpThis week completed my 6 weeks preparatory period. Weekly mileage presented below. I'm real happy with my regularity: I started slow with 3 and 4 trainings in the first two weeks, but after that I did 5 trainings per week, like a clockwork, only missing one single training in week 4. Way to go!
After those 6 introductory weeks, I'm not about to proceed to next stage of training, i.e. working not only on endurance but also on speed. That means dropping long running trips and crosses but instead introducing two new types of training:Running strength (RS): the idea of this training unit is to work on th…

Week 5, 2011

A very good week. All running done according to the plan.5 31 Jan - 6 FebThis week's totals:5x, 7:16, 69km [12:01]Next week's plans:5x, 8:05, 77km1:141:341:141:032:0811.7 km15.0 km11.0 km10.0 km21.6 kmCROS 60' [TM]ER 12km +
10x100m/100mCROS 60' [TM]ER 9km [TM]RT 21km[145][140][153][150][143]#75:56 min/km#75:36 min/km5:39 min/kmkettlepower yoga
body pumpmodern dancesquashTwo cross trainings on a treadmill (as the weather still not very friendly), two easy runs (one again on a treadmill, the other one 14km + strides) and finally today a running trip of 21km. This went particularly well with a decent average pace of 5:39 with relatively low average HR of 143. That's quite an improvement compared with the short 10km runs at pace slower than 6:00min/km, with a higher heart-rate, that I was doing at the beginning of the year. The form is (slowly) coming back and it's great to see that! :)