Week 7, 2011

Tricky week, as I spent 3 days in Lisbon. But I still managed to squeeze in 5 trainings :)

14 Feb - 20 Feb
This week's totals: 5x, 6:38, 63km [9:23]
Next week's plans: 5x, 7:24, 75km
14.3 km14.0 km12.5 km11.0 km10.9 km
RS 8km,
ER 60' [TM]
+ jog 2km
SR 42' [SW]RS 60' [TM]SR 8km
5:30 min/km5:30 min/km4:59 min/km#94:55 min/km
body pump

On Wednesday I did a training with the running group at Sportsworld. I had a nice opportunity to talk with the coach and get some invaluable training advice. First of all he told me to check the resources of the Arthur Lydiard Foundation, which I'm certainly going to do soon. Secondly, he took a look at my training diary and suggested a couple of alternations, which can be summarized as follows:

  • More rest. Between 5 running sessions, body-pump, yoga, dancing and squash I just don't have enough time for recovery. The idea is to drop at least 1 of the 2 body-pump sessions a week and have at least one day per week with no activity whatsoever.
  • 4 not 5 training per week. Possibly with the same total mileage but with longer sessions.

Other than that, I was very proud of my Friday training. I had an early afternoon flight to Lisbon, but I forced myself to get up at 7:00 on Friday morning and did a steady run of 8km at a reasonable speed -- short training, but given the circumstance still something to be happy about. Keeping the pace slightly below 5:00 does not come too difficult, but my heart rate is higher than I'd like it to be. So before increasing the pace (ultimately to 4:30 min/km), I'll have to stay 1 or 2 weeks at this pace to lower my average HR.

I almost forgot how it feels to be almost permanently tired from the training -- feels good :)


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