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Weeks 25-30, 2013: Licking my wounds.

I know. It's been a long time. In case you were wondering what was up with me, the title pretty much says it all. During the San Francisco marathon I got injured -- partial muscle tear of my calf is what it was. Let me tell you a bit about the six weeks of recovery I went through and about what's coming up.The first few days I was out. I could barely walk. Around Thursday things started improving and I was even considering some gentle runs. But better safe than sorry so I decided to wait and only did some hiking over the weekend.The following week I thought I was ready to slowly start exercising again. I went for CrossFit on Monday and all was good. I didn't run on Tuesday but instead went for another CrossFit workout on Wednesday. As luck would have it, there was a running (almost sprinting) component to the workout and I was stupid enough not to take it easy. Result? My calf snapping again. And, as usual, the second time around it was worse than initially. So now I was r…