Week 35, 2011

Running on holidays is not easy...

29 Aug - 4 Sep
This week's totals:3x, 4:47, 48km [4:47]
15.6 km14.0 km18.1 km
ER 15kmER 14kmRT 17km
144 hrm132 hrm
5:52 min/km5:36 min/km5:27 min/km

Strongly delayed report, but I rarely have access to internet & a computer...

I had ambitious plans for running on those holidays but the reality brought me down to earth. It started nicely. On Monday I did a decent run in the neighborhood of the village we were staying at. My mistake was to start at 2pm as the scorching sun and the hills turned a run that was supposed to be easy into a fight for survival. I had to stop every few kilometers because I was just running out of steam... few photos from this run below (sorry for the quality but taken from my phone that was completely misted over as I was holding it in my hand most of the time).

On Tuesday I followed up with a nice barefoot run along the beach (pretty cool, strongly recommended). And then on Thursday I was planning to do a longer run. I started around 5pm so the sun was not so excruciating anymore. After a bit of random running I hit a pedestrian path in a national park and followed it for 10K or so -- that was pretty cool. Peace, quiet, not a living soul around... in short: running at its best. Photos (especially of this quality) certainly cannot do it justice. However, I only did 17K which in those conditions was tiring enough.

Unfortunately that was it for running this week as other holidays plans made it impossible to do any running around the weekend... Hopefully I'll do better next week!


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