Week 14, 2013: Back in the game.

Solid week. I started off right away with a speed run (probably not a good idea, after 1.5 weeks of inactivity I should have started easy), but I missed my PB by a full minute. Then two easy runs during the week and...

Well, I was supposed to run the Grizzly Peak 50K, right? But to my surprise on Thursday, when I was trying to register, it turned out that the event is sold out! Now, it probably doesn't sound very shocking; running events are notoriously sold out and one needs to secure spots many weeks (sometimes months) in advance, but the thing with the Coastal Trail Runs was that they were never full. I even commented on that with someone not long ago. One could always register at the last minute. One could even register on the day of the race! (I did once). Well, not always, it seems.

So no race. I decided to still run 50K over the weekend, although in two separate trainings.

On Saturday I went to Long Ridge Open Space Preserve. I had a nice run and made a bunch of photos on the way. It always takes me by surprise how great it feels to be out there in the open, surrounded by quiet, beautiful nature. Good stuff.

I did a bit over 30K and I have to say that by the end of it I've had enough. With a total of slightly over 1,000m of elevation gain it took me over 4 hours. This is pretty much a pace that I'd have to keep during the 100-miler if I wanted to finish under 24 hours. Now, it's fine to do it for 4 hours, but can I do it for 24? Scary.

On Sunday I felt seriously tired so instead of hitting the trails again I decided to stick to the (flat) route along the Bay. It's amazing how much easier (and faster!) it is to run without hills.

I ended up with a solid 92km week, but it took its toll as by the end of the week I was tired. Ideally, I'd like to keep it up next week. In fact I like this idea of two really long runs over the weekend and I'd like to try to build up to, say, 70K. We'll see.

Ok, that's it for today. See ya next week, folks :).


Mikolaj said…
My mother says, you should consider spending more time playing piano instead of running marathons (re Boston). My thought is, avoid concert halls though. :/ Anyway, we sympathise wholeheartedly.
Adam Koprowski said…
Thanks. Yeah, it sucks :/.

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