AV'23 track&field, Amsterdam (10K)

10 km (AV'23 track&field)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
4:10 min/km
178 hrm

I wanted to run 10K one of those weeks. So did Michal, who will be running a marathon in San Francisco next Sunday. Since it's summer & not many races around, Jan came up with the idea to organize a race on track&field of his sport's club, AV'23 (thx Jan, we owe you!). So that's what we did :)

The weather was not very cooperative. It was raining, but that's not so bad. But it was also windy and that does not help. That was my first race on track&field; feels quite different without the crowd of people and going around in circles. We were lucky to have two great pace-makers so those were perfect conditions for setting one's PB.

We started tad too fast, but quickly corrected the pace and since then were going like clockwork. The pace seemed tough to me and I feared that I won't make it at that speed till the end.

Indeed around 6K I broke. We switched to 2 groups of two and I was loosing around 100 meters to Michal... and that's how it stayed till the last kilometer. On the last lap I gathered the last reserves of energy that I had in me and started racing towards Michal but I only had it in me for half of the lap and then I collapsed (you can see this spike on the graph below). I finished in 41:35, 30 seconds short of my PB, and 20 seconds behind Michal. Who did an awesome job! If he keeps progressing that fast then soon he'll outclass me and I won't be able to compete with him anymore :). Keeping my fingers crossed for him next Sunday.

As for my performance, well I guess I cannot complain. I fell short of my PB but my average heart race was 178 -- the highest in the long time (it was 174 on 12th of June when I did my 41:05 in the Kika run). And that means I tried my best. It's just that today my best was not enough :).

Ronny, who was pace-making us and for whom this pace was a walk in the park, mentioned the 50K in Assen on 20th of August. It's only 6 weeks before my Budapest marathon so I don't think it would be wise to do it, but hell if I'm not tempted to go for it... maybe I could if I took it east and didn't given 100% of what I have. But can I do that? Frankly, I don't think so...


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