Week 32, 2011

111km. Sweeeeet.

8 Aug - 14 Aug
This week's totals: 6x, 11:21, 111km [12:21]
Next week's plan: 4x, 8:09, 87km
1:244:06① 1:15
② 1:34
14.7 km36.2 km① 13.2 km
② 16.4 km
13.8 km16.9 km
ER 14kmRT 35km① ST 12x400m/120''
② ER 15km
RS 8km + 7x[sss]ER 16km
136 hrm141 hrm① 162 hrm
② 132 hrm
137 hrm134 hrm
5:24 min/km6:03 min/km① 3:55 min/km
② 5:21 min/km
5:30 min/km5:15 min/km
gym (1:00)

Last week I completely failed to have a large training volume (as planned) and this week was my last chance to make up for that. And make up I did! I did not manage to stick to the schedule I had in mind but I did 6 training sessions and a total of 111km, making it my best week ever.

Also on Tuesday I did a running trip of 35km in the Kampinos National Park. It's a great place for longer runs, even though at the beginning I got completely lost. With a GPS. It seems I would make a really lousy boy scout :). Not to mention that I can forget about orienteering runs of all sorts... at least unless I can run twice as fast as all the rest to make up for lousy navigational skills ;). I was also pretty tired before this training and it showed; I never try to run fast during those runs but 6:05 min/km with my current performance is slow. Not to mention that my heart rate was sky-rocketing by the end of the training (in spite of low speed).

Next week: few short runs, mainly recovery. And then 50K on Saturday :). I already subscribed for the 50 van Assen so there is no going back now :). In fact: I'm really excited and looking forward to this run. 6 days...

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