Week 32, 2011

111km. Sweeeeet.

8 Aug - 14 Aug
This week's totals: 6x, 11:21, 111km [12:21]
Next week's plan: 4x, 8:09, 87km
1:244:06① 1:15
② 1:34
14.7 km36.2 km① 13.2 km
② 16.4 km
13.8 km16.9 km
ER 14kmRT 35km① ST 12x400m/120''
② ER 15km
RS 8km + 7x[sss]ER 16km
136 hrm141 hrm① 162 hrm
② 132 hrm
137 hrm134 hrm
5:24 min/km6:03 min/km① 3:55 min/km
② 5:21 min/km
5:30 min/km5:15 min/km
gym (1:00)

Last week I completely failed to have a large training volume (as planned) and this week was my last chance to make up for that. And make up I did! I did not manage to stick to the schedule I had in mind but I did 6 training sessions and a total of 111km, making it my best week ever.

Also on Tuesday I did a running trip of 35km in the Kampinos National Park. It's a great place for longer runs, even though at the beginning I got completely lost. With a GPS. It seems I would make a really lousy boy scout :). Not to mention that I can forget about orienteering runs of all sorts... at least unless I can run twice as fast as all the rest to make up for lousy navigational skills ;). I was also pretty tired before this training and it showed; I never try to run fast during those runs but 6:05 min/km with my current performance is slow. Not to mention that my heart rate was sky-rocketing by the end of the training (in spite of low speed).

Next week: few short runs, mainly recovery. And then 50K on Saturday :). I already subscribed for the 50 van Assen so there is no going back now :). In fact: I'm really excited and looking forward to this run. 6 days...


jean said…
Well done, you see what you can do if you set your mind to it. When you set a running goal focus on that goal and put other things on the backburner. After your goal is achieved go back to the normal routine. I tink heavy duty tappering is needed, drink and most importent drink a lot. Please show me the heart rate on the long run so we can analyse and develop a soluition. I also see you haven brought your interval rest op to two minutes very wise. becauce you have to TRAIN NOT STRAIN. Will we be seeing you on monday evening to run a nice slow run and of course celebrate Michal awesome race in Frisco?

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