Week 31, 2011

A slow week, disrupted by Poland visit...

1 Aug - 7 Aug
This week's totals: 5x, 6:14, 65km [9:14]
Next week's plan: 6x, 11:00, 108km
① 1:14
② 1:00
① 12.0km
② 9.0km
11.7 km17.0 km15.0 km
① ER 12km
② RS 52' [TM]
ST 12x400m/120''ER 16kmER 14km
① 137hrm
② ?
158 hrm135 hrm133 hrm
① 5:42 min/km
② #10
4:04 min/km5:10 min/km5:07 min/km
gym (1:00)yoga (1:00)gym (1:00)

The previous week was awesome. My secret goal was to make this one even better. Didn't happen. I started pretty much on track, but on Wednesday I went to Poland for 2 weeks and I didn't manage to stick to my demanding training routine. The biggest blow was that I did not do a long run. At all. Normally I leave it for the weekend, but this Saturday I went for a bachelor's night and on Sunday I still had too much blood in my alcohol for such a serious run. Instead I did a very nice training with Miki (and we were damn lucky as we finished it 2 minutes before it started raining like crazy). In the end I did 5 trainings but only 65K in total.

My initial plan was 100K last week (done), 110K this week (not even close) then a somewhat easier week (~80K) and finally the 50K-run-week after that. Now I'll have to adjust this plan. I'll try to still push hard next week (100+K), but to do the long run somewhere at the beginning of the week, to still leave enough recovery time before the big day. And then the following week I'll go very easy, hopefully allowing full recovery before Saturday 50K. We'll see what happens in practice :). But as things stand now I cannot see myself not going for the 50K :)


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