Week 18, 2011

Slow week, recovery after the marathon.

2 May - 8 May
This week's totals: 4x, 5:24, 50km [7:22]
Next week's plans: 4x, 5:57, 60km
13.1 km10.9 km18.4 km8.0 km
ER 13km [SW]ER 10kmRT 18kmER 7km [TM]
128 hrm136 hrm137 hrm140 hrm
5:56 min/km5:30 min/km6:03 min/km5:27 min/km
body pump (1:00)gym (0:50)

Usual suffering after a marathon. On Monday & Tuesday walking (especially climbing stairs) was mighty painful. But on Wednesday I already decided to join the Sportsworld running group and did 13km with them. Two more easy trainings this week and on Saturday a 18K running trip. I took some photos on the way (see below).


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