Week 20, 2011

A week I spent in Warsaw; a bunch of easy trainings.

16 May - 22 May
This week's totals: 4x, 4:47, 44km [4:47]
Next week's plans: 5x, 7:02, 73km
7.6 km14.8 km15.2 km13.1 km
ER 7kmER 14kmER 15kmER 12km
137 hrm141 hrm141 hrm136 hrm
5:00 min/km5:30 min/km5:59 min/km5:25 min/km

Another easy week. I started off on Tuesday by having a short raining in my new Five Fingers! I'll try to write more about them in a separate post, but long story short: running in them felt great, but will take some getting used to. Plus they gave me blisters so it'll be a while before I can put them on again.

Besides that I did 3 easy trainings; not much to talk about. I did most of them in the Kabaty forest in the south of Warsaw. Very nice place for running; some photos below.

Next week I'll probably still take things easy, only on Tuesday I'm going to run 12K in Rock & run. Then hopefully the week after that I'll start with more varied and difficult trainings. Stay tuned!


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