Week 47, 2011

An uneventful, easy week

21 - 27 Nov
This week's totals:4x, 5:02, 48km [6:47]
12.5 km13.4 km12.1 km10.0 km
ER 12kmER 13kmER 12kmRS 57' [TM]
140 hrm135 hrm148 hrm
5:46 min/km5:49 min/km#9
gym (1:00)squash (0:45)

A bit late summary of last week. What can I say, an easy week. Recovery run on Monday. Then I was three days in Paris but I managed to squeeze in two runs along the Seine. One of them at before 8 o'clock in the morning, so I was rather pleased with myself that I managed to get up for a run ;). Then on Friday I did some hills on a treadmill and it would be a very decent week, only on Sunday I didn't feel like going for my weekly long run and called it off. Oh well.

Next week it's time to step up the training with Egmond half-marathon and Paris marathon in mind.


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