Week 51, 2011

Easy X-mas week.

19 - 25 Dec
This week's totals:3x, 3:49, 41km [5:24]
13.0 km13.3 km14.7 km
SR 7kmER 13kmER 14km
159 hrm140 hrm143 hrm
4:30 min/km5:12 min/km5:05 min/km
gym (0:45)gym (0:50)

The plan was to make another serious training week and only slow down in the next one. Well, it was not meant to be. I started on Tuesday on a treadmill with a fast-paced 7K at 4:30 min/km. Then an easy run on Wednesday and I was planning to hit some hills on Thursday but it was so bloody cold that I had to give up on that idea, as I'd freeze during all the jogging parts. What's worse my left shin was acting up; I decided to ignore that but after the run and in the following days I could feel some pain, so in the end I decided to take a holiday break and hopefully I'll resume on Monday.


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