Week 50, 2011

Again beyond 100K; sweet :)

12 - 18 Dec
This week's totals:6x, 10:00, 102km [11:35]
① 1:19
② 1:13
① 1:20
② 1:02
① 13.1km
② 12.0km
① 13.5km
② 11.0km
15.9 km36.1 km
① ST 6x1km/2'
② ER 11km [TM]
① ER + hills
② ER 11km
ER 15kmRT 36km
① 168 hrm
② 139 hrm
① 134 hrm
② 136 hrm
141 hrm142 hrm
① 3:57 min/km
② 5:27 min/km
gym (0:45)gym (0:50)

An exemplary week; everything according to the plan. Intervals on Tuesday; I managed to go from 5 to 6 and increase the pace by 5 seconds from last week, so I'm quite happy with the progress. On Thursday I hit some hills but this time I took it easy and it was mostly just a recovery run with some hills incorporated. On both days I did easy runs in the evening too. Then Saturday 15K easy run and on Sunday a running trip of 36km -- that was tough! I forgot to take my carefully crafted map (digital of'coz) which caused some extra complications. At the turn-around point I was trying hard to get to the other side of the river and, as a result, had a serious orienteering and cross-country running exercise. It really took a lot of me, so the way back was quite tough. And in the end I had to settle for almost the same route on the way back.

So yet again I crossed the magical 100K barrier; 3rd time this year, but only 4th time ever. But now I have a dilemma; I did a lot of hard workouts lately and it'd made sense to do a lighter week. However, I know that the following week will probably naturally turn out rather light, so the question is: can I handle yet another tough week before slowing down? Not quite sure... especially today when I feel completely worn out after this running trip. Well, we'll see...


jean said…
It is always a dillema. If you are on the roll, you just want to keep on rolling. But their is always a basic rule, listen to the body. Give the body time to recover and absorb the training.And enjoy the holidays.

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