Week 49, 2011

Pretty good week; 5 trainings, 80+K, everything according to the plan.

5 - 11 Dec
This week's totals:5x, 7:54, 81km [9:54]
1:03① 1:13
② 0:58
11.1km① 12.3km
② 9.7km
15.9 km32.0 km
ER 11km① INT 5x1km/2'
② ER 9km
RSRT 32km
136 hrm154 hrm138 hrm
5:21 min/km① 4:02 min/km
gym (1:00)gym (1:00)

Started easy with a short run on Tuesday, but then two runs on Thursday, including intervals; unfortunately my knee was still giving me trouble but I managed to shorten the rest period from 3 to 2 minutes, keeping the same speed of the intervals (4:02). Then some strength training on Saturday (intervals up the hill). And finally on Sunday a nice finale: 32K running trip. I set off a bit too early so I was finishing when it was dark, but all in all it was a fairly nice run. Next week I hope to increase the overall volume a bit and if I manage to keep this pace then it looks like I'm going to finish this year on a high note ;)


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