Week 48, 2011

Finally back to serious training.

28 Nov - 4 Dec
This week's totals:5x, 7:14, 74km [8:24]
13.1 km14.1 km11.7 km11.0 km24.4 km
ER 13kmSR 14kmST 5x1km/3'ER 11kmRT 24km
139 hrm145 hrm163 hrm140 hrm140 hrm
4:02 min/km5:21 min/km
abs (0:10)gym (1:00)

Starting from this week and until after Christmas I'm in Warsaw. It was also a very busy week at work so I'm really happy that I managed to squeeze in 5 trainings. First an easy one on Monday, then somewhat faster on Wednesday and interval training on Thursday. That was a tough one, as my right leg really was not happy with all this running and I had to tell her to shut up. In the end I decreased the number of intervals, increased rest in between them and walked during the rests instead of jogging. And I also didn't press 100%. Probably I should have called it off altogether but I just couldn't do it. Then another easy training on Saturday and a 24K running trip on Sunday -- and, as it turned out, at a pretty reasonable pace too (maybe because it was cold and the thought of a bath was giving me wings ;).

Next week I'm hoping to increase the pressure a bit and then the following week I'm thinking of running a mountain 10K race; we'll see...


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