Goodbye 2012.

Ok, it is high time to look back at 2012. I was hoping to do some serious number crunching and present some kick-ass analysis of the year, but, judging by the progress I was making so far, if I wanted to do that, it'd probably not be before the end of this year that I was ready to present my findings ;). So instead, fairly simple, but timely, summary.

So let's start by looking at my goals for 2012: 2 marathons and one ultra, 3300km total mileage and personal best on at least one major distance (10K, half-marathon, marathon).

As far as the events are concerned I did good. I run two marathons -- Paris and Berlin -- just as planned. I also did a 50-mile ultra -- Lakeland 50. I'm especially pleased with that race, which I clearly marked a transformation in my running: from marathons to ultra-marathons and from road to trail running. Moreover it was a super enjoyable race, the only other possible contender for the crown being the Amsterdam marathon in 2012 (my first).

As far as the mileage is concerned I failed a bit short of the target. In fact I did exactly the same mileage as last year. Given that I was injured and did very little running in January and then chilled out to recharge batteries for the next season in December, I think this is a solid result. Also I hope that having run over 3.000km in two consecutive years will give me solid foundation for all the ultras to come!

Another interesting statistic is the elevation gain. From the chart below it's pretty clear that I hardly did any hills for most of the year. There's a small spike it's May -- that's when I was in Portugal. Then there's bigger spike in July -- that's when I run Lakeland. And finally there's some activity from October on-wards, which is when I moved to California and started seriously hitting the trails :). Oh, and the big spike in November, that's my 100-mile running trip in Yosemite :).

And what about the plans for 2013? Stay tuned, they're coming soon :)


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