2011: summary

2011: summary

Time to look back at 2011. It's been a great year. I more than fulfilled my goals by running two marathons (New Jersey marathon and Budapest marathon) and one 50K ultra (50km van Assen). Moreover I run almost 3100km this year -- I knew it's been a great and intense year but I didn't realize how much until I made the charts below that not only show that I was fairly regular (with the exception of 3 weeks after the Budapest marathon when I got lazy) but also how much more intense this year was than the previous ones. Btw. probably I'm paying up for it now with the over-training injury...

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So how much a video is worth? Anyway, summary of my races in 2011 below. Btw. I ran 13 races with a total of almost 250km: more than half of what I did in the previous 8 years altogether :).

2012: plans

So what about next year? Some of my goals in no particular order:

  • Running two marathons (Paris & Berlin?) and one ultra (preferably 60K+),
  • A total of >3300km (that may be difficult),
  • Personal best on at least one major distance: 10K, half-marathon, marathon; preference for the marathon (that will be difficult).


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