Weeks 41, 42 & 43, 2011

After three weeks of lazing around, finally coming back to regular training! :)

10 Oct - 16 Oct
This week's totals:1x, 1:27, 15km [1:27]
15.5 km
ER 15km

17 Oct - 23 Oct
This week's totals:0x, 0:00, 0km [1:00]
body pump (1:00)

24 Sep - 30 Oct
This week's totals:4x, 6:43, 70km [7:43]
15.8 km16.8 km14.5 km23.0 km
ER 15kmER 16kmER 14kmRT 23km
139 hrm
gym (1:00)

What can I say, before I noticed the 1 week of doing nothing after the marathon turned into 3 weeks. And I have to say it felt good not to do anything. Did I feel the urge to go running? No, not really. On the contrary :). Ok, I have to admit that the fact that I lost my sensors (for speed & heart-rate) could have something to do with that -- I'm a total sucker for stats and without them running just lost one of its (big!) charms ;). But now situations seems to be getting back under control: I found both sensors (still missing battery in one, but that should be easy enough to fix) and the next week I'm planning to increase intensity and again try the two-trainings-per-day approach. Because I have a 10K to do on 13th of November and the famous Seven Hills Run in Nijmegen just one week afterwards (20/11)


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