Week 30, 2011

Wow, a 100K week -- awesome! :D

25 Jul - 31 Jul
This week's totals: 6x, 10:39, 101km [15:19]
Next week's plan: 6x, 10:25, 105km
1:33① 1:13
② 1:27
① 1:10
② 1:09
15.4 km① 12.6 km
② 13.5 km
① 11.7 km
② 11 km
37.1 km
jog 15km [SW]① ST 12x400m/120''
② ER 12km
① ER 11km
② RS 60' [TM]
RT 36km
126 hrm① 162 hrm
② 129 hrm
① 136 hrm
② 144 hrm
138 hrm
5:33 min/km① 3:56 min/km
② 5:56 min/km
① 5:36 min/km
② #10
5:56 min/km
core (0:20)gym (1:00)
yoga (1:00)
core (0:20)yoga (1:00)gym (1:00)

What a great week! But first things first... Given that I'm considering (more and more seriously) running in Assen, I decided it's time to pump up the weekly training volume. Jan advised me to: increase the volume of trainings and possibly even run twice a day sometimes but leave time for recovery, so NOT to run every day. Based on this advice I came up with the following schedule:

ER ~15K① ST ~12x400m/120''
② ER ~12km
① RS 60' [TM]
② ER ~12km
RT 30+K

So a recovery run on Monday, then Tuesday off. Wednesday speed training (intervals) in the morning and an easy run in the evening; Thursday off. Friday first running strength (for the lack of real hills: hill program on the thread-mill) and later in the day an easy run. Saturday off and a long run on Sunday. I thought it was a pretty solid plan.

... and I did it perfectly this week! A total of 101km -- a feat I did only once before (weekly mileage of >100K). Today also closes off July and I have a total of 339km -- another best. All in all everything's looking great. If I manage to pull off two more such weeks then without a doubt I go for Assen. I'm only a bit worried that this may cost me my PB in Budapest (which I was really hoping for).

But I have to say it's a tough stuff. I kind of naively believed that if you go for a training in the morning then in the evening you (and your body) forget all about it, right? Wrong. You really feel it in your bones. Not to mention that it takes some strong will to go for a second training. Tough stuff. Kids, don't try it at home ;)

Another thing was the Sunday long run. 37km is a long distance, no doubt about that. But I somehow, again naively, thought that if I go slow enough (i.e. ~6:00 min/km) then I can just go and go :). Nope. After ~30K things started to be pretty tough indeed. You can see on the chart below that my speed slightly decreased and my heart rate substantially increased.

There's certainly this breaking point after which things are going to hell. I'm sure I was reaching (and often by-passing) this point in my marathons. So if I won't to stand a chance with the 50K I'll need to go substantially slower. Just how slow is slow enough? (and not too slow!) I was hoping to average 5:00 min/km, but that's probably too ambitious...

Anyhow, during the breaks in my run I was checking on Michal who today run his first marathon! And, as expected, he did really well too! Congratulations, mate! :)


jean said…
Some thought about your training of last week. Indeed excellent week! How to proceed? First just copy this week for this week. Then start to tapper for Assen, next week you do 60% and then 30% of the workload. Use the last week to charge the battery, eat and drink and rest. Only some small runs, no more then 15 km. Startegy will be talked about later. And remember i will be watching you on endomondo, to be concrete i will be in your pocket!
Then you decline during your long run, it is very importent that you drink enough. If you lose 2-3% of your bodyweight your performence will go down 25-30%. So better to run 25-30 in the morning and do another 10 in the afternoon, so you can hydrate again.
Also i think that running in Assen will in rease your changes in Budapest! But see it as a very long run and use it as a warm-up!

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