Week 7: Death Valley

This is going to be an unusually short entry :). On Tuesday I still felt tired, so decided to only go for an easy run. But I soon realized that even that was ambitious! I felt totally drained. So I had to turn an easy training into a super easy one, parts of which I... walked! This is not something that happens often to me. But hey, at least I got a chance to shot a few pics that you can see below :)

On Wednesday it was back to business. I was doing my usual steady run and I wanted to improve my PR on the course. At half point it seemed I was right on track to do that and, as I wasn't feeling to tired, I thought I could do that. The closer I was getting to the end the more confident I was that I'll pull it off... except at the end I realized that for some reason the course was "longer" on that day! Or rather: my GPS was acting up, as I run the exact same route as always. So I had a moment of panic but in the end all was fine and according to Strava I did it 34 seconds faster than two weeks before, so I was very pleased with that.

The bicycle guy that's always there whenever I run by ;)
Sunset at the Baylands park.

Then another easy run on Thursday and then... then, I went to Death Valley! Plenty of interesting things happened there; so much so that it deserves a separate post of its own. Or, more likely, a series of posts, so stay tuned for that! starting with this one :)


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