Week 18, 2014: Getting back on track... again.

After almost getting injured at the beginning of last week I took three days off and now, on Monday, it was time to try a gentle jog. I decided to do my run on a hill next to work. Primary reason for that was that I was worried that my calf could give me trouble at any point and I'd have to call it a day early. But the added benefit was that instead of my usual completely flat loop I was now running up and down a gentle hill. So I did gentle 12K on Monday and then 14K on Tuesday. Both times I could feel my calf not being its usual self but also not bad enough to stop me from running.

Wednesday off and on Thursday classic: Black Mountain. I didn't think I was ready for an all out assault on this tough course, so instead of the usual 90%+ effort I decided to scale it back to ~80%; still an effort but a controlled one. It went fine. Sure, substantial 6 minutes slower than my PB but that was only to be expected. When I took a look at all my previous efforts on that segment it was still a better than average time and with a lowest HR ever.

Friday off. On Saturday I was fairly busy and only managed to do a short run on a treadmill. Finally I finished the week with a short hike and a flat, long run on Sunday.

Next Saturday: Cinderella 50k. I am pretty upset as I was seriously hoping that I'd be ready to kick ass at this event. But the recent problems mean that it will be more of a survival run again, just like Canyon Meadow in March... although, on the other hand, I seem to have a track record of doing the worse the harder I try, so perhaps here's my chance? ;)


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