Week 17, 2014: #!%^&@#%^

It looked like finally my training was gathering steam. Monday traditionally a day off but even on Tuesday I felt the effects of the previous week. In other words: I was sore. Still, I did my Black Mountain hill run as planned and it went... awesome! I improved my PB on that route by almost 2 minutes, while at the same time my average heart rate dropped. I may obsess too much about numbers but in this case it's not a fluke and the story they are telling is clear: my form is improving. And that obviously makes me a very happy panda.

On Wednesday I felt pretty beat from that training but still I had some extra spring in my step and a slightly faster average pace than usually during my easy runs, further confirming that, hey, my training efforts seem to be paying off!

On Thursday I was again tired and I had the slightest hint of soreness in my right calf, the same one I injured last year. Still, I decided to go ahead with my planned training for the day: intervals (stupid, stupid, stupid...). The training went pretty well but by the end of it my calf was pretty unhappy and I knew I'll have to give it a rest on the following day. I almost felt proud that I recognized the problem and will be able to address it properly...

Problem is, by then it was late. I should have not done that training, plain and simple. On Friday my calf was much worse and I knew that it's not just Friday, but the rest of the week off... and I was so happy that finally my training seemed to be back on track... plus, it's only two weeks until my next race... oh well, that's what one pays for being stupid, I guess :S


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