Week 16, 2014: Back on track!

A solid week, finally!

The start was not very encouraging. Even though I had Monday off and the previous week was fairly modest effort-wise, on Tuesday I was still sore and tired. My left hamstring -- my personal over-training-meter -- was throbbing, sending me clear signals that rest is in order. But with the race coming up there is no time for rest. Still, I decided not to do the hill run, but an easy jog instead. Then I followed up with two more on Wednesday and Thursday.

On Friday I was planning to take a day off and finish off with two runs over the weekend, but instead I ended up doing a hill run on Friday. I was 1:45 slower than my PR but I think that's not too bad given that it was my fourth running day in a row. Saturday a hike in Half Moon Bay and Sunday a long but flat run on the Bay trail.

So all in all 5 runs and a total of 83km -- not bad at all, especially that including the hike it adds up to 100km. But I have to say that Sunday evening I felt really, really tired. Still, I hope next week to be able to push it a bit further and increase mileage to 90+km. Let's see...


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