Week 15, 2014: ... Week 1, more like it

So yet again an unplanned break and yet again starting, essentially, from square one. I started with the tough hill run up the Black Mountain. Only one minute slower than a month ago and my second fastest time ever, so not bad at all.

I followed up with an easy run on Wednesday but then first I missed my Thursday run as I felt too tired and then I chose to skip my Friday run. That was mostly because I was planning to run together with Yohann on Saturday and was afraid that I won't manage to keep up if I'm not rested :)

The long Saturday run was pretty neat, other than the fact that I had to get up at 9am ;). We ran on trails of Stevens Creek County Park and Fremont Older Open Space Preserve. We didn't have a map nor even consulted one beforehand but the plan was to run ~20km and that's exactly what we did. Good stuff.

I concluded with an easy run on Sunday so, even though I missed one run, I ended up with 4 workouts and a total 66km. Not too bad for starters. But now I'm left with only 3 training weeks before the next 50k race so really time to get down to business...


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