Weeks 50 & 51, 2012: Cold

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Not much to report on, I'm afraid. The previous week I did the 50K Coyote Ridge. It was a great race but, probably as a result of it, I got a cold afterwards. On top of that the weather started getting worse: not exactly super cold, but no shorts-and-t-shirt temperatures anymore either, plus fair amount of rain. So I decided to take some days off from running.

In fact I only did two runs by the end of the week; both of them on a treadmill.

I thought I would step it up the following week, but it didn't really happen. For once my cold was still there, crappy weather was still there and on top of all that I didn't really feel much like running. Now, not feeling like running is not exactly a novel feeling to me. I do get that every now and then. Often all that calls for is to reach deeper for some extra motivation to get this ass off the couch and go running, rain or no rain. But those rare few times I think that's a sign to take things easy. I decided this time it was the latter.

Now, don't get me wrong, I still chalked up 4 runs; not too bad by itself, but again, all of them were on a threadmill and they were all only one hour long.

Now, it's the rare time when I publish the post before the week is over, but I'll spend the weekend in air getting from California to Nijmegen, for Christmas. So most likely, not much running for me this weekend :).

Will I do better next week? Who knows, with IRunFar's holiday challenge, that's certainly a possibility...

By the way I forgot to mention earlier that, thanks to the crazy adventure in Yosemite, November was my best month ever with 370 km230 miles under my belt. Not half bad.


Tim said…
Im doing the irunfar challange as well. I dont know how you do the treadmill runs it would drive me nuts. Happy christmas
Adam Koprowski said…
Hey Tim! Good luck with the challenge! I don't think I'll be going for it after all; too many social obligations around X-mas ;). Treadmill; I don't like it much either, but if I have a choice between not running and running on a treadmill... :). Thanks & merry X-mas to you too!

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