Week 39 & 40, 2012

Marathon and post-marathon weeks.

First some taper before the marathon, with easy runs with some strides. Then an easy jog on Saturday and the big day on Sunday.

I wasn't happy with my result from the marathon, but I was happy with the fact that I got away without any problems whatsoever: no blisters, no chaffing, no injuries. I also recovered fairly quickly and the only reason that I waited until Wednesday with running, was because I was busy with moving. But both Wednesday and Thursday runs I did in Nijmegen, discovering the forest that is mere 1km away from where we moved to. And a great forest it is. I'll be missing a lot of things from Amsterdam but running-routes-wise this is certainly a change for the better. The forest reminds me of the one in Eindhoven, where I spent countless happy hours running around :). Also the constant up and down through the hills was a very refreshing change after the pancake flat Amsterdam. I guess I'll need to start planning my trainings by the heart rate, as pace based training is difficult in those circumstances.

On Sunday I decided to explore it a bit more and went for a 26K run. I guess it was too shortly after the marathon as by the end my feet (why feet??) were seriously hurting. But I did a nice loop and I'm sure I'll be coming there for more.


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