Week 38, 2012

Below target yet again...

I started with a day off on Monday, as planned. Then on Tuesday I was in Santa Cruz and went for an easy, recovery run along the coast, which turned out to be quite picturesque.

Unfortunately I missed my Wednesday training, although instead I went for a very nice sport massage. As a bonus the masseur told me about the Big Sur half-marathon, along the beautiful coast close down there. It's in November and I do hope to go for it.

Then I could not do any running on Thursday as I spent the day in a car and then a plane back to Amsterdam. That meant that to keep the minimum respectable 4 trainings this week I'd have to do 3 runs over the weekend upon coming back.

It started promising as on Friday evening, suffering from a jet lag, I still went for a run. The idea was to do a fast 14K; ideally at a target marathon pace. Unfortunately I didn't feel too strong (jet lag?) and only managed a 4:45min/km average pace. That means that next week, to make a PB in Berlin, I'd have to run three times as much (distance wise) and substantially faster. I sense serious trouble...

The following day I went for a recovery run and that went surprisingly well. I kept my heart rate in the low recovery range (Avg: 139) and still did a surprisingly fast 18K averaging 5:09 min/km. Maybe not all hope is lost?

Unfortunately on Sunday I really felt under the weather. I didn't sleep well that night, but I suspect it's more than that. Still jet lag? Or am I coming down with a cold? (that's pretty much how I feel). In any case I really didn't feel like running and although that rarely stops me from going this time I decided to call it quits. That means that it was a rather lousy week with only 3 runs and a total of 52km -- not how it was supposed to be :S.

... and Berlin is only one week away. But that's a subject for a separate post.


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