Week 21, 2012

Solid week

I finally went to the gym on Monday. Then regular intervals on Tuesday; this time we did short ones: 20 times 300m. My pace was not spectacular, but given the weather and the fact that only 3 days earlier I did 52K, I'm rather happy I finished them all. Easy run on Wednesday and my swimming debut on Thursday -- more about that later. Then I did some hills on Friday; again up and down the bridge, although this time I did some easy running beforehand. Finally on Sunday for logistic reasons I couldn't go for a long run but I managed to squeeze in two shorter ones and, especially since it was time for a slightly lighter week anyway, that worked just fine.

Race-wise I gave up my hopes for the Lakeland 50 and instead subscribed for The Clyde Stride Ultra Marathon -- a 40miles race in Glasgow. It should be much simpler (shorter and no hills) but maybe stretching my ultra-limits slowly is not such a bad idea anyway. Anyhow, with no hills to be afraid of, this week I realized there is still one thing that can be scary about this race (other than the 40 mile distance, that is): heat. I did some afternoon runs this week and, with the summer coming in full swing, they were not at all easy.

I also decided to try to lead a more healthy life. Not that I was doing badly in that area, but there's always room for improvement, right? In my case my resolutions are:

  • To replace chocolate (to which I'm, admittedly, addicted) with fruits,
  • To learn to swim (that's gonna be a real hard one), or more generally to diversify my training a bit (i.e. not only running, make some room for gym etc.) and
  • To stop my growing addiction for energy drinks (not yet sure about this one yet ;)

Let's see how it goes.

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