Week 7, 2012

Running-wise an even better week than planned

On Tuesday 800m intervals with AV'23 at 3:58 min/km and boy, was that tough! On Wednesday the usual weekly run with Sportsworld, but since it was only Thyra, Michal, Jan & me we made it fairly long and clocked 20K. Then on Friday I started very early with an easy run and followed in the afternoon with some hills training (fast skips up the bridge); I was planning to increase them from 7 to 10 this week, but my legs totally gave up on me and had to stop after 8. Was even afraid that I got myself another injury but gladly that was not the case. The week ended on a high note as I was spending the weekend in Huizen and decided to run back, which resulted in a really cool 32K long run. In the end 90+km this week and although my legs occasionally complain the injury does not seem to be fully coming back so I'm optimistic.

Next week I'm hoping to hit the 100K mark and then the week after that will be time to get some rest. Also I took a closer look a the plan and time limits of the stages of the Poland Footrace and with a lot of relief realized that the time limits are not as crazy as I thought and one has more than 9 minutes per km, instead of 6, as I previously thought. That just changed the status of the whole affair from totally impossible to bloooody difficult. So I really may be game for that :)

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