Week 45 & 46, 2011

Two weeks, two starts...

7 Oct - 13 Nov
This week's totals:5x, 7:55, 76km [7:55]
18.1 km18.4 km16.9 km11.9 km10.0 km
jog 16kmEx. + INT 7x1km/2' [AV'23]ER 17kmER 17kmS! 10km (Olympische Stadionloop, Amsterdam)
128 hrm177 hrm136 hrm136 hrm177 hrm
5:49 min/km4:03 min/km5:39 min/km5:39 min/km4:15 min/km

A rather good week. First an easy run on Monday. Then on Tuesday I joined Jan's athletic club AV'23 on the track. It's around 2K away from my home and I was stupid enough to get there... running; if only I knew what was waiting for me there... Warm-up, some drills, but then the main course: intervals. We did 7x1K/2'. And Jan told me to join the group of guys who were breezing every kilometer under 4:00. Substantially. I kinda managed to keep up with them on the first interval, but then decided that this is just too much. Still I was trying not to lag too much behind and in the end averaged around 4:00 min/km. And boy, was it tough. I was recovering from this training for a long time and to be honest I'm not even sure I fully recovered by Sunday when I did the 10K run and where, unfortunately, my performance was nothing to talk about.

14 Oct - 20 Nov
This week's totals:3x, 3:47, 42km [4:47]
14.5 km12.3 km15.0 km
ER 14kmINT 12x400m/2'S! 15km (Zevenheuvelenloop)
138 hrm162 hrm?
5:27 min/km3:58 min/km?
gym (1:00)

The following week I again started with an easy training on Monday and then on Wednesday I did some intervals, this time on my own and at a little more leisurely pace (or rather: the same pace but only 400m intervals). I also finally went to the gym on Wednesday and was hurting all over from it for days afterwards. I canceled the Friday training as I was just too tired from everything. And tomorrow a big day -- the Zevenheuvelenloop (Seven Hills run) in Nijmegen. Judging from my experience on 10K last week I should not expect much -- McMillan suggests I should aim for something like 1:06. But I'm thinking of starting for a much more ambitious 1:04. Maybe the fact that I didn't do much training will in the end play in my favor? (if only I'll manage to finally get enough sleep.....). And if I fail to keep up this pace then hey, at least I tried, whereas if I run for 1:06 from the start then probably I finish even slower than that and then it's nothing to be happy about. We'll see. First and foremost I just hope it'll be an enjoyable race and I will have fun :). And given that we're going with a big group from Sportsworld, chances for that are looking much better than those for my good performance ;).


Thyra said…
You will have fun for sure, no doubt about that. But who knows... tomorrow might just be your day for a good performance too! The weather is certainly in our favour. So let's go run up and down some hills... :)

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