Week 44, 2011

Good start of a week, then spoiled by a cold :S

31 Oct - 6 Nov
This week's totals:3x, 4:15, 44km [5:15]
1:27① 1:07
② 1:40
14.7 km① 11.8 km
② 17.6 km
ER 14km① INT 12x400m/2'
② ER 17km
135 hrm① 165 hrm
② 136 hrm
① 4:01 min/km
② 5:39 min/km
gym (1:00)

The week started great. Easy training on Monday, but on Wednesday things got more interesting as I did intervals in the afternoon and then the usual running with Sportsworld in the evening. That added up to a total of almost 30K that day and I have to say that by the end of it I really had enough. I was hoping to continue in this great form but then I got a cold... I was even thinking of ignoring it and continuing the training but in the end decided to take it easy. So no more runs that week. Gladly, by Sunday I pretty much recovered so next week I hope to start the training for good; yet again.


Xana said…
you decided to take it easy..... :-)

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