Week 29, 2011

Not so running-intense week, but saved on Sunday ;)

18 Jul - 24 Jul
This week's totals: 5x, 5:49, 61km [11:34]
Next week's plan: 5x, 9:08, 95km
1:071:481:04① 0:48
② 1:01
11.4 km19.9 km10.5 km① 10.4 km
② 9.0 km
RS 14x400m/100''SR 10km [SW]ER 10km① S! 10km (track&field)
② ER 8km [TM]
163 hrm158 hrm136 hrm① 178 hrm
② 132 hrm
3:58 min/km4:42 min/km5:36 min/km① 4:10 min/km
② 6:00 min/km
gym (1h)modern dance (1h30m)body pump (1h)
p. yoga (1h)
core (15m)gym (1h)

It started good -- with a day off on Monday :). Then intensive interval training on Tuesday (though following Jan's suggestion to increase the recovery time from 1:20 to 1:40 had a very good effect). Then on Wednesday training with SportsWorld which was supposed to be an easy run... but I didn't realize that I'll end up speeding with Ruben, making a total of 20km, 10 of which we did at a 4:40 min/km pace. So that was a tough training. On Friday I resisted the temptation of joining SportsWorld for yet another run and instead went for body pump & yoga. That was good. And I even managed to squeeze in a short run later that day.

Then there was this idea of running 10K with Michal on Sunday. To do that I decided to have a rest day on Saturday. And then Sunday was an epic battle with the rain and my body. I lost :). But the game's not over yet ;). Since that would make a lousy week with only 4 trainings and mere 50K I decided to... go to the gym (it was raining) and after doing a weight training I run an easy 9km to finish this week off. I don't think it was smart... but it felt so good ;).

During the 10K race Ronny planted a dangerous seed in my head by mentioning the 50K race in Assen. I don't think I should do that (6 weeks before the Budapest marathon), but damn if I'm not tempted to :D. Just to check the feasibility of such a feat I'm going to probe next week by putting a kilometer-reach training: 5 runs, 95K total with a 35K run on Sunday. Let's see whether I can survive that and then I'll think about Assen :)


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