Week 21, 2011

Highlight of the week: 12km start in Rock&Run

23 May - 29 May
This week's totals: 4x, 5:22, 59km [6:52]
16.5 km16.7 km13.3 km12.0 km
ER 16kmCROS 16kmER 12kmS! 12km, Rock&Run (Amsterdam)
138 hrm142 hrm139 hrm172 hrm
5:20 min/km4:23 min/km
modern dance (1:30)

A relatively calm week. 16km easy run on Monday (still in Warsaw), then a 16km varied speed training on Wednesday (unfortunately I couldn't join the SportsWorld group, so done on my own). Then mostly recovery before the 12K on Sunday, so only an easy 12km run on Friday and then... Rock&run!.

Next week I hope to do 5 trainings and hopefully some more kilometers and then the week after to start on 10K. I hope to do 2-3 such starts before the marathon and hopefully to break my PB in one of them. We'll see...


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