Rock & Run, Amsterdam (12km)

12 km (Rock&Run)
Amsterdam, Netherlands
4:23 min/km
172 hrm

Ok, so I decided to run 12km in Rock&Run in Amsterdam. I didn't prepare for this particular run, but since SportsWorld (the gym I'm at) was taking part I decided to tag along.

Since I was still more in the recovery period after the marathon than in a real serious training, I didn't really know what to expect from this event. But I thought a time of 52:00, would be nice.

The course was 2 loops of 6 kilometers. People were divided into 10 starting groups and we had the luck (or rather, a privilege) to be in the first one, which was a great thing. But there were so many people that by the time I started the second loop, some people were only starting, so I had some elbowing to do, but all in all it was not too bad.

Long story short: I'm very happy with my performance. I started a tad too fast, but quickly corrected the pace, which I basically managed to keep thorough the race. And my final time of 52:42 is close enough to the desired 52:00 to call it a success.

I plan to do more such starts during the summer and with their help hopefully to manage to be in a good form for the Budapest marathon! (2 Oct).


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