Week 27, 2014: Cycling

(I'm almost two weeks behind with the posts; hope to catch up soon, actually the last week was much more interesting than this and I hope to have a post about it up soon)

So, yeah, last week I got injured and I limped through the weekend. On Monday with heavy heart I cancel my reservations for the long weekend in the Lassen Volcanic National Park, which really sucks.

But I'm not giving up. I discover that even though I'm limping, cycling does not aggravate the pain so that's what I do. I do two rides on the Bay Trail on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday I go to the Crystal Springs Reservoir. I leave too late and then get slightly lost so my plan goes wrong but at least I scooped the route out for tomorrow.

Or so I thought. On Thursday indeed it all starts well enough, I ride along the Lower Crystal Springs Reservoir and then San Andrea Lake and it's a great ride. My plan is then to continue and close the loop on the other side of the lake on what on Strava heatmap look like rarely frequented roads. It starts with a really steep climb. Then what adds to my struggle is a really strong wind. It's getting late and will get dark soon and I'm having less and less fun. And that's when I hit a dirt road. I naively hope that it will only be for a bit and that it will connect me to a proper road. Instead it gets me to a gate. Closed gate.

I have no choice but to turn around. By now it's really getting dark; I have no light and start to think that this actually is really no fun any more. Gladly it all ends well. I make it most of the way back before it's pitch dark and even get to see some pre-4th of July fireworks right next to where I started.

The following day I set off to do a carefully planned route, but things go wrong again as I some point I hit a hilly trail in a park and after a while I just have to admit that this just isn't a road for my bike.

Then I take Saturday and Sunday off. I still definitely cannot run and I decide to rest those two days to get ready for the bet that with my friend we finally decide to kick off on the following week; stay tuned for details!


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