Week 26, 2014: Oh no, not again...

What happened to weeks 22 through 25, you ask, as I'm sure you all have been paying close attention? ;). Well, somehow I was not inspired to write. I did some running, I did some cycling... you know, business as usual. Oh yeah, I also did another 50k on 8th of June and I still hope to write a race report one day; we'll see. However, last week of June was a bit more eventful and deserves a short note. And from now on I'll try to go back to regular weekly write ups.

On Thursday I did my usual run on Black Mountain. I was going at it hard, hoping to improve my personal best. At some point I felt sharp pain in my ankle... no, it wasn't a come back of my injury; I was bitten by something. However I was a man on a mission so I hardly broke stride and continued up the hill (even though it hurt like hell) assuming that it was probably just a bee sting. As luck would have it in the end I missed my personal best by 10 seconds. Oh well.

Things got interesting the following day, as my foot got swollen pretty badly. I even started wondering whether it could have been a snake bite, give that it was an ankle, just above my shoes.

That same day we had an offsite at work. Kickball. I was pretty skeptical about it at first but very quickly I got into it and was having fun. Until. I was "batting" and gave the ball a pretty good kick, however I could feel something funny happening with my leg. Not thinking twice I started running towards the first base but there certainly was something funny about my leg. I stopped briefly but then urged by shouts from others continued towards the second base... and snap. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is how you pull your quad.

I limp back to work and I have no illusions: I can forget about running for a while. The timing could not be worse. The 4 day long 4th of July weekend is coming and I was so looking forward to that and planning to go somewhere (Lassen Volcanic National Park being high on the list of options) and do tons of crazy running :D. With less than a week to go my chances of recovery are minimal and it looks like I'll have to call off those plans. And that really, really sucks...


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