Week 9, 2014: Warming up

Ok, plan for the week accomplished, 4 runs and a total of 63km including a 20km long run on Sunday. But damn it, coming back to running after a break is tough. With this low volume and super lousy pace I'm still tired and my heart rate is sky rocketing. Ehh...

Plans for next week: 5 runs, 75k total including 20k long run on hilly trails and a hill run to the top of Black Mountain (this is going to hurt, but if I want to see improvements perhaps it's time to start seriously pushing myself).

Btw. I signed up for Canyon Meadow 50k, three weeks from now. Is it smart? Will I be ready? No and no. But I hope it will give me motivation and the plan for the race will be to... well, survive. Wish me luck :).


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