Week 12, 2014: First race of the year.

With 50k scheduled on Sunday this was the week to fear. Was I ready for it? With mere 5 weeks of preparations? No way!

On Tuesday before the race I decided to introduce intervals to my training. Smart? Probably not. I did 6x600m and it was tough. But I lived.

Then an easy run on Wednesday and two days of complete rest before the race on Saturday... race write up coming up soon.

On Sunday as a form of recovery I went for a hike in the Wunderlich County Park. Good weather, nice park, great company, great conversation... I can hardly imagine a better way to unwind after a tough race.

Big part of the coming two weeks I'll spend in Poland so it will be hard to keep up with training. Let's see... I already signed up for Cinderella 50k on May 10, so slacking off is not an option.

Oh, and this Saturday a friend at Google completed his first 50 miler with a great time -- congrats man! We're thinking of doing the Chimera together this year. Should be interesting :).


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