Week 37, 2013: Struggle continues.

After the weekend I'm completely beat and I hurt all over. I take Monday off, which was more or less planned, but then I follow up with Tuesday off as well, as I just don't have it in me to do anything. I'm still hoping to somehow rescue the week; if I went running every day from now on that would make 5 trainings, right?

I go for a fast run on Wednesday at the usual pace of 4:30min/km. On Thursday I do CrossFit and follow up with an easy run.

My training breaks down on Friday though -- I'm too tired and I take another day off. I still hope I'll finish off with a strong weekend.

On Friday I was so tired that I went to bed very early. Thanks to that I wake up on Saturday unusually early for me and in time to go for CrossFit. It's a tough workout and I love it. But the problem is that it takes so much out of me that I end up not going running. So much for making up for the lost kilometers on weekend...

That leaves Sunday and my last chance for getting in some kilometers this week. I decide to go for a long run, like in good old times, meaning driving some place nice. Instead of exploring a new place I decide to re-visit Windy Hills Open Space Preserve as I have very fond memories of that place.

Shortly after I start running I realize that this is exactly what I needed. It's quiet, it's peaceful, it's beautiful and it's all the things that I love about running. I don't want to overdo it so I call it a day after 20K, but boy, I am so going to revive the tradition of doing long runs in cool places on weekends.

I also learned that the Diablo race was postponed for the 5th of October. That basically gives me 2 weeks to prepare for it -- let's see whether I can get myself back in reasonable shape during that time.


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