Weeks 32 & 33, 2013: Slow recovery

This week I continued my swimming lessons, every day of the week, and made quite some progress too. Feels great. I also managed to squeeze in 3 CrossFit workouts.

Running wise I decided to still play it safe. Just two easy runs during the week (one on a threadmill) and then a test on Saturday: Black Mountain. This climb is always tough and it was doubly so now that I'm still slowly getting back in shape. I finished. Essentially with the slowest time ever. And yet I was happy. Why so? Because it was a tough workout and my calf didn't bother me even a bit.

Starting on Sunday I had guests for a week so no time for sports. Maybe that's for the better as I'm sure my calf could do with some extra healing time. I only did one short run during the week

Then on the weekend I decided to tighten the screws. First on Saturday another climb on Black Mountain. Strava did not recognize my segment attempt but I can hardly blame it given that my GPS went crazy and it looks as if I was running drunk in circles. But I checked my time at home and I did much better than last week, shaving off 3.5 minutes and clocking a reasonable time.

Then on Sunday I went for a long run and did over 25K, though at a slow pace. As expected I was very tired afterwards but no complains from my calf, which I take as a very good sign.

Bottom line is that I hope to be able to slowly increase the volume and get back to my regular routine. If everything goes fine I be back in shape to run the Coastal trail run on Mount Diablo in a month (lots of ascent, more than I ever did, so should be tough). Before my injury I was leading in my age group for the 50K category. Now I dropped to the second place in the age group and 10th overall; time to get some points! :)


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